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I am a 36 year-old filmmaker and photographer based in Rome. I was born in Mauritania, where my parents lived and worked at the time, but I have lived in Italy since I was a baby.

After finishing the secondary school - a very traditional Italian “Liceo classico” - I concentrated my energies in a thorough training, at first in photography, at the Escuela de Fotografia y Centro de Imagen in Madrid and then at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome, and later in Cinematography, attending a three-year course at the world-renowned Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema, Cinecittà.


But I feel that this description only partly covers my experience. Having spent four years of my childhood in Moscow, attending Russian schools, I was immersed quite early in a world where different cultures met and mingled. It was a world not always easy for a young boy as I was then, but I learned to love it because of its complexity and when I returned to Italy, I continued to travel extensively, both in my country and abroad - especially in India, Nepal, Colombia and Cuba.

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